Carbon Products

Norsilva's main products are lump charcoal and charcoal fines, all intended exclusively for industrial use.

In addition to being a trading company, Norsilva is also directly or inderectly involved in the production and shipping of charcoal  from South America, The Far East and Norway.

Depending on customer requirements, Norsilva can fill orders of any size, ranging from about 24 metric tons per lorry or container, to fully loaded vessels carrying about 10.000 metric tons each.

Besides being one of the main suppliers of highly reactive, high quality reduction material to the Ferro alloy and Silicon industry, Norsilva furnishes charcoal for the European barbecue market.

For the European barbecue market we are supplying charcoal to companies that are processing the material further in order to make products such as i.e. barbecue briquettes.

Bulk shipping of industrial lump charcoal and charcoal fines. The last picture shows different grades of wood chips.


Quality and environmental awareness

Norsilva AS cooperates with some of the worlds largest, most highly specialized producers of high-quality charcoal.

This cooperation allows our company to provide the most appropriate grades of charcoal available on the market.

We offer a wide variety of grades, ranging from the most common charcoal produced from a mix of various trees, to the high tech, closely controlled production of certified charcoal made from planted forest and spesific tree species.

In addition to the standard certificates for quality and weight that
accompany every shippment, the charcoal is also analysed for a
number of trace metals which may be of importance for various applications.

If you are looking for high quality and highly reactive reduction materials made from an environmentally aware source, we would appreciate to recieve an e-mail from you or if you like, perhaps a telephone call. Please click the "Contact us" tab in the top menu for further details.